Nokia Suite 3.4.45 Beta / 3.4.40 / Alpha Global

Nokia Suite 3.4.45 Beta / 3.4.40

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    Nokia Suite is a tool developed by the Finnish company for those who want to take the most out of their Nokia-branded handhelds. Basically, it provides the same features as the popular Nokia PC Suite, but at a different level, offering a wide array of utilities for the latest devices launched by the brand. Installation takes quite a while, but you can still find out what the app is up to thanks to the features presented right in the installer.

    Nokia Suite attempts to connect to your mobile phone using the USB cable, but for out tests, we chose the other option, via Bluetooth. If you want to try this method as well, note that it implies reduced transfer speeds. It is, nonetheless, great for mobility since it involves no cables or similar peripherals.

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